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Bracewell, Wendy (ed), Orientations: An Anthology of East European Travel Writing, ca. 1550–2000. East Looks West, Vol. 1 (Budapest: CEU Press, 2009).

Excerpts from over 100 travel writings of Europe, from 16th c. pilgrimage diaries thru early specimens of modern tourism accounts to 20th c. impressions from the other side of the Iron Curtain… By focusing on east European travel writings, this work enlarges both the documentary base and the terms of the debate over a rich source for discussions of identities and mentalities; knowledge and power; gender; and cultural change.

The texts – chosen for their relevance, but literary criteria have also been taken into account – illustrate the variety of ways in which east Europeans have written about the West. Most of the material is presented in English for the first time or, in a few cases, rescued from dusty oblivion in long out-of-print volumes. Each text is introduced with a short passage placing it in context.

"The reader may find literary gems, presenting insights on customs, mentalities, cultural differences, gender, and class, as well as describing the scenery of the visited land. Encompassing both the nation and the world, these perceptive glimpses, as well as descriptions of cities and terrain of European countries, place in focus political and cutlural issues that create the East-West apposition - for example liminality, inferiority, and practice of justice. Summing up: recommended." - Choice

East European Travel Writing: A Guide to Orientation I. Europe in All its Variety (16th–18 th centuries) Words for the Traveller Variations: Pilgrims, Emissaries, Scholars and Adventurers II. Voyages of Discovery (18th-mid-19 th centuries) On Travel Writing Discoveries in Europe Greeks: from the Latin West to Europe South Slav travellers: Light and darkness, East and West From Moldavia and Wallachia Hungarian reformers From Poland, before and after partition Domopis: Travel at Home Domopis: Slav Travels Variations: Three Women III. On the Tourist Track (mid-19th century–1940s) Tourists and Travel Writing The European Metropolis Exoticism and the Self Domopis: Know your Country Why Keep Writing about Travel? Variations IV. Europe Divided (1945-1989) Tasks of Travel Writing Domopis: Fraternal Travels Cold War Variations V. A Single Europe? (since 1989) Notes for Further Reading

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