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Calls for Papers - Conferences [16]
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Calls for Papers - Conferences

2017 International Society of Biblical Literature (SBL) Meeting (Migration, the Bible, and Empire): Humboldt University, Berlin, Germany: 7-11 August 2017

The Discourse of British and German Colonialism: Convergence and Competition: Queen Mary, University of London, England: 22-23 September 2018

Spatial and Digital History network: European Social Science History Conference 2018: Queen’s University Belfast, Northern Ireland: 4 – 7 April 2018
(deadline: 1 May 2017)

Migration(s): Body, Word, Spirit: University of Maryland: 10-11 November 2017
(deadline: 1 May 2017)

Pacific Gateways: The Rise of Transpacific Literature in English, 1760–1900: Ito International Research Center, University of Tokyo, Japan: 24-25 November 2017
(deadline: 5 May 2017)

Magazines on the Move: North American Periodicals and Travel: Nottingham Trent University, Clifton Campus, Nottingham, England: 6 June 2017
(deadline: 5 May 2017)

Two-way Tickets: Travel, Home and War: University of Oxford, England: 20 June 2017
(deadline: 8 May 2017)

Placing the Burneys: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania: 2-3 November 2017
(deadline: 15 May 2017)

Watersheds: SUNY College, Oneonta, New York: 27-30 September 2017
(deadline: 15 May 2017)

Women and the City: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania: 2-3 November 2017
(deadline: 15 May 2017)

Alexander von Humboldt and Travellers through Yucatan: Merida, Yucatan, Mexico: 19-24 Nov 2018
(deadline: 29 May 2017)

Travel, Tourism and the Northeast Identity (NEPCA 2017): University of Massachusetts, Amherst: 27-28 October 2017
(deadline: 30 May 2017)

Destination(s): University of Montenegro, Tivat: 8-9 September 2017
(deadline: 1 Jun 2017)

Encounters with Difference: Travel Writing and Gender: Free University of Berlin, Germany: 27-28 October 2017
(deadline: 15 Jun 2017)

Hemingway in Paris (Hemingway and Travel): Paris, France: 22-28 July 2018
(deadline: 15 Jul 2017)

Vistas: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania: 15-18 March 2018
(deadline: 30 Sep 2017)

Calls for Papers - Publications

Anthem Studies in Travel

Global Southeast Asian Diasporas: Memory, Movement, and Modernities across Hemispheres Book Series, Brill

Gender and Culture in the Romantic Era Book Series, Anthem Press

Poems about Travel or, specifically, the experience of being in transit (deadline: 28 May 2017)

The Yearbook of Transnational History Special Issue: Exile and Refugees (deadline: 1 Nov 2017)


MRes English Literary Research (Travel Writing)
Nottingham Trent University, England

MRes Tourism and Hospitality (Travel Writing)
Plymouth University, England



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