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Studies in Travel Writing: Journal

Studies in Travel Writing Vol 14 No 4 (2010)

Published by: Routledge

About the journal

Special Issue on New Zealand
edited by Tim Youngs and Ian Conrich
  • Travel Writing and New Zealand: An Introduction Ian Conrich and Tim Youngs
  • Travel Writing and the First Marists in New Zealand William Jennings
  • The Democratic Traveller: Henry Demarest Lloyd's Visit to New Zealand, 1899 John Wilson
  • Travel, Tourism and Booster Literature: New Zealand's Cities and Towns at the Turn of the Twentieth Century Dominic Alessio
  • 'Familiar London': New Zealand Travel Writing and the Imagined Metropolis, 1890-1940 Felicity Barnes
  • Palettes and Palates: Jacqueline Bullmore's Florentine Diary Penelope Jackson
  • A New Zealand Diary Geoffrey Moorhouse edited by Susan Bassnett
Book Reviews
  • Robyn Handel, New Zealand Through the Eyes of American Women (Tom Brooking)
  • Neville Peat, Detours: A Journey Through Small-Town New Zealand (A Generation On) (Reg Eyre)
  • Hamish Beaton, Under the Osakan Sun: A Funny, Wonderful, Account of Three Years on Japan (Mark Meli)
  • Duncan Fallowell, Going as Far as I Can: The Ultimate Travel Book (Gregory Woods)


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